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Compass Stamp


Here at McDeid Exteriors we have a wide variety of concrete solutions for you.


Starting with our driveways with that border we keep talking about. This is a stamped driveway with stained blue squares.


A black accent and a dark colored border. Large ashler stamp pattern. So many ideas we can go over. Keeping in mind this is the more expensive option.


Instead of the old boring sidewalk to your front door.


Everyone is changing to the new front patio. Again this one has the border with stained squares and black accent color to bring out the definition in the stamp pattern.


We offer many different types of finishing services, we would be happy to go over and find the perfect fit for your home.


Sidewalk instead of the front patio maybe you like your green spaces out front. Add a touch of curb appeal with a nice border. Or just bring some safety back to your entryway.



All the way up your new walkway to your new one of a kind front step. This is what you will get by going with McDeid exteriors one of a kind next level concrete.


Bring your back yard to new life with a brand new patio. This patio is a Sedona flagstaff stamp with tan stained pieces and a walnut accent. Again going with that dark border we all love.


Fire Pit

Staying in the back yard lets move to your fire pit. We can do a number of options out here. This is a roman slate stamp with a walnut accent.


One of a kind pool coping for easy access to the plumbing and lighting.


Old to New

We can also bring your old concrete back to life. Here is a side by side look at sealed and unsealed concrete.


Just like with everything in life, you must protect, Concrete with sealer. Sealer is the last and top layer for your concrete. It is the protection layer to allow rain and moisture to run off the concrete. Which much be reapplied every 3-5 years.

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